Thursday, 7 September 2017

My mood today + Dressing room Diaries - outfit of the day - casual black comfy look

I'm extremeley tired. Sleepy, busy and overthinking of course.
When I think too much, I talk too much and my mind goes into this crazy land of Hyperverbal -ness if that's even a word. 
My niece was horrified at the amount I wrote on my Instagram, but forgive me for expressing how I felt at that moment, I live to be real not perfect. And if typing my heart out makes me content, that's perfect for moi... Plus most of my followers cheer me up when I share, believe it or not, helps a lot when I experience kindness. It's something I will always remember and appreciate. There aren't many kind humans in this world, hence why i've discarded of those I once called friends. I'm lucky for who I have around me right now, I am profusely grateful!

Just some advice, guys, gals and divas! Once you sense negativity from a person or they somehow make you feel not yourself, as if you feel your souls been sucked away, get rid of them! Even if they are the only friend you have, travel and join active experiences you'll meet new people. Having friends isn't important if they drain you. I'd rather be a loner! That goes for dealing with fuck boys too! Life is too precious to deal with or even be close to negative vibes! Just be happy and be a kind human we need more, steer away from negative souls life is too precious for that! :)

What my niece was horrified at lol 

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