Monday, 6 March 2017

Fanny pack and belt bags style ideas and looks


Fanny packs, Manny packs and mummy packs whatever you want to call them, I think the new and improved stylish fanny packs and belt bags are awesome! 

Especially if you're heading to a festival or on mummy duties running around after your kids!

In my case, I have two teenage nieces who are partying hard and enjoying festival life... I want to get them fanny packs that are stylish with class, something that's not too lucid or bold as we don't want to draw the unwanted attention of thieves! Something that is safe and robust... won't slide off nor easy to be unbuckled. 

Below are photos i've found of fanny packs and belt bags to give me inspiration to finding some for my brats! 

I will do another post shortly to update you on what i've found...  plus prices and where to get it! 

Happy hunting 💜

For hot mums and men too 

This is vintage belt bag is amazing, so stylish and beautiful just like Tyra Banks!

Sarah Jessica Parker with a Gucci fanny pack, though looks like a messenger bag to me. I like the way it's sitting below her waist like that. Pretty hot! Had no idea she had abs like that!
I'd never think to put this together but that's Sarah for you!

Clever Belt Bags!

Gucci Dionysus belt bag
Seriously considering this for myself, just incase I end up at a festival! Not sure it's ideal for young girls who are travelling alone or with young friends as people might target. This Gucci print would of course attract unwanted attention.

My conclusion so far, is that the belt bags seem more secure, just need to find one that can fit phones with separate compartments for cards and money.


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