Thursday, 1 December 2016

LVL Lash lift before and after + video

Watch video below following my journey to finally achieving long eyelashes!

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                                                     MY LVL LASH LIFT STORY

I have the shortest eyelashes in history! It looks fine during the day when i'm shopping or running errands, but on nights out, I normally wear false eyelashes. I've had many nightmares with false eyelashes, for instance... once on a date I could feel one side of the lash strip slowly sliding off and can see it flapping.
It completely put me off as I'd need back up glue in my bag always, and the paranoia of  me thinking will this last, is he staring at the flapping eyelash.

I've tried the single lash extensions which are fantastic if you find the right place/technician. I tried a place where they started coming off the next day, and a place where they last 2 weeks. However, after two weeks they start shedding off and leave gaps in your eyelashes so it looks weird and you need to book an emergency appointment.

I gave up, I'm done with panicking and have officially given up with false lashes.

Funnily enough my niece told me about the LVL Lash lift, she showed me this Instagram @LVL_LASHES_ISLINGTON and I was sold immediately!

Sun and Beauty Lounge in Islington is highly popular, there's a waiting list to get your eyelashes done, they are that fantastic and exclusive! Call now to check and see if there are any cancellations or else you'll have to wait a while, but it's worth it!
Before going there, I went to a different beauty salon with my friend to get her lash lift treatment and whilst waiting I got a patch test. Later I learned from Dani at Sun and Beauty lounge that the place I went to used false products and was not the authentic LVL Lash lift products. Be careful guys! And book and appointment with Dani asap! So she can book you in and give you the right advice also.

Watch my video to see the process of the LVL Lash lift. Seriously this is going to sound sad, but it has most certainly changed my life in terms of getting ready! 2 coats of mascara and i'm ready for a night out, or an event! I can officially say bye to falsies, my mother was shocked at how long my lashes are, she's still shocked at how my eyelashes now look like false lashes when I apply mascara.

Also I must add, it confused me when I looked at the other LVL Lash treatment videos and girls applying mascara after, I thought what's the point but I now understand because the LVL does in fact lift your lashes and curl them, but if you want a glamorous look it's best to add mascara, my lashes  looks like false lashes now.

If you have longer eyelashes than me then think about how fantastic your lashes will look!

The technician I used is Dani give her a call on - 07956 436 757 

If you've watched the video, sorry she's moved address. Find her at 90 Tottenham Ln, Hornsey, London N8 7EE
Dani is mobile and based.
Check out their Instagram @LVL_LASHES_ISLINGTON 

                               Stay away from Fake companies and happy fluttering xoxo

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