Thursday, 28 April 2016

My first ever time Presenting!!!

This was in say..2009/2010! So basically over 6 years ago, I would have been around 19/20 years old! I just came across these videos and I am cringing!!! But Considering the fact that i'm soooo shy! (Everyone reading this is going to mumble.. "Yeah Right" but) It's the only thing I hate about myself.. I'm confident but shy which is such a weird combination, but I was asked to do this presenting job, I had no training , no experience and quite frankly I think I did well! Apart from the horrific mic handling and the umms It was good for my first ever time! What does practice make?,,, PERFECT!!! 

Presenting hasn't been my passion or else I would have worked my ass off years ago, but a lot of people tell me I have the perfect personality for TV Presenting so I will consider giving it another go, possibly getting a presenting coach and see if I love it or not.. funnily enough I could completely hate it or fall in love with presenting and grow passionately for it! You never know if you try. Plus it's a lot of fun!

Fresh TV 

It's a shame Nicholas who was the founder of this YouTube Fresh TV channel fell in love and didn't bother with it any more, I found him driven, hard working and had hoped he would have done well from this.
Nicholas is the male presenter in the videos. He's very humble and a great person, I would have liked to have seen him do well.
Come to think of it.. what is he up to!!

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