Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mens Hair styles

What women want/ how  men should style their hair

Your hair is your beauty for both men and women

I spoke to a male friend of mine (who I presume will read this :)) and he enjoyed my post on
 How women want men to dress

He was asking me for advice on men's looks and one of the main things I love about men.. (other than nice strong hard biceps) is their hair. A lot of guys compliment my hair and I would just think it's a way of them starting conversation but the older I get I realise guys are just as vain as women and notice more than we do, which scares me! 
Guys love it when a girls hair smells and looks nice, when our nails are done and when we wear a figure hugging sexy dress. I think men are secret appreciators for women's fashion and know more than us.

We love it when a guy smells nice ALL THE TIME and have nice hair. Some of us love your stubble too.

Combed back
side parting
cut often 
washed often