Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Eleven Hair salon


Most girls love to be pampered, I enjoy the idea of pampering but I get bored easy and hate having my nails done and I get bored having my hair done because they take hours on end and sometimes they're not always consistent with the colour or style.
 When I wore hair extensions I would only get my hair coloured once a month and my hair blown out once a week and if I have an event/function to attend to I would have my hair done on the day. I feel I need to get my hair, nails and other beauty treatments done to uphold my appearance as I believe every human; man and woman should be well groomed.

Often I would have my hair done at 'Eleven'. They have a branch on Bond Street and Covent garden. Both have great service but I preferred the Covent garden branch as it's a lot more specious and the guy who would normally do my hair always got the colour right all the time. They were nice enough to even wash my hair extensions and glue them back in for me.

Now that I don't wear hair extensions I've become obsessed with my hair, it feels like when I was back in school and doing my hair everyday creating different styles. My mother would get her hair done every day, even twice a day sometimes as she regularly attends functions and she would never dream of wearing hair extensions and now I can see why. I always thought I needed it, especially for length but I feel that my hair is a nice length now and my hair looks healthy and I feel that I look slimmer with my hair length. I plan on copying my mum and having my hair done every morning after my session at the gym. I frequently change hairdressers as much as I change my make up! This week I will choose various hairdressers that tickle my fancy and attempt to copy my mum when she was my age and take good care of my hair.   

I'll be updating very soon, I may even Vlog on YouTube.

I hope you've checked out my First ever Vlog
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Gina xoxo

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