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How women want men to dress

Men's Fashion look book 
(and photos of some seriously hot men..)
My thoughts are stated below








    Okay, maybe not like this! But they look pretty cool as a team, It's all about the confidence and the strut

                           Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) - You can't have a style look book without Chuck Bass

Style is something you're born with, it's something that can't be bought. 

I don't know about men, but women can describe their dream man (even if they pretend they don't go for looks). Us as women we're dreamy and love to talk about how our weddings will be, how our wedding dress would look and how their husbands would be. That's just a lady who knows what she wants.

I never use to have a type, I used to like what I like.. But over the years due to past experiences I now know what I want and what's best for me. People change, it's all part of growing up. 

I speak to a lot of my friends and other girls about the types of men they want and they all say a gentleman. So how about some of you guys? Could you try and look like a gentleman!? Please!! 
Of course you'll have that one friend who strictly wants a rocker dude which is also cool
or a rude boy if she's going through a silly phase.

I don't think men understand how badly we as women want to rip off all your clothes seeing you in a well tailored suit! Most women find it so sexy, such a big turn on!!

I'm a strong believer of the saying, how you dress represents you as a person. 

I've noticed that the richest of men seem to dress either immaculate and simple, or just really bad! And I say 'bad' as in plain baggy T-shirts and beaten up jeans and women are just screaming inside like whyyyyy!! I can understand if it's casual clothing of high end quality, but just don't pick up the first thing you see!
And of course you'll get the quirky types who go crazy but I guess it's what makes them unique.
 And guys with a lot less money tend to look so flashy and wear head to toe designer. 

Though I must say from experience, Italian men are so well dressed I think it's in their blood. 
Italians and Gay guys are seriously born with a natural sense of style! 

Above are photos I've put together to show men, this is how women would like to see you look!
Trying too hard always shows.. so just find something you feel comfortable in but make sure you look fly as hell in it too! Because, if you look good.. You feel good! Imagine the feeling you get coming out fresh out of the barbers that's how you should feel everyday of your life stepping out. You only live once.

Just be cool and collected and think how can I look suave today! Then you'll see how much attention you'll get off guys and girls!

Something pretty funny happened actually, I was at a private event where I got to talking to this girl and at first she looked stunned when she saw me and her eyes lit up when she gazed at my chest, but I'm used to people assuming if my boobs are real or not which is annoying because they're real but anyway, as we were talking, she kept on complimenting me, later I learnt she was a lesbian and she had asked me for my number LOL I couldn't help but feel flattered by this because I had no clue she looked at me in that way. But what I'm saying is, if you can get both sexes to fancy you, you must be doing something right?

And ladies don't worry if you've found an amazing guy but his style isn't right.. You can mould him.

Gina Rio


                      How guys see us....

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