Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Exclusive Hot Spots /London bars

It would be stupid of me to display my frequent hang out spots, however below are places I still go to but not as often as before. Still great places if you're after a classy atmosphere in London. Of course anywhere you go, there will always be the wannabe's and perverted men but that's society today.. I prefer private members clubs and exclusivity, it's all about the crowd darling.

I'll give me ought most honest opinions...
I'll start off with Annabels (exclusive members club. The only nightclub the Queen of England has visited).
This is my favourite club in London. Always beautiful looking hot men! Of course there are oldies there but they bring their sons! So it's always best when you're invited to an event.


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Jermirah Carlton - cool bar

Mandarin Oriental
The level of service is fantastic I'm always impressed! Very popular place. I normally go for events more than anything lately.

Arts Club
Not my favourite club, I like the Japanese restaurant on the top floor but everything else isn't anything to write home about. 
Though I saw Kanye West in the garden and Kris Jenner in the top floor restaurant. 

The Connaught - Love it, pricey and stunning. Service is great.

Hollywood Arms/ Brinkleys - I call it posho central 

Tramp - It was good when it was exclusive 5 years ago but now full of ruthless kids.. the name is beginning to speak for itself.

Lou Lous (5 Hertford street) - I made a promise not to ever date a guy who owns a membership there ever again. Bunch of crazies.. other than that great place.

Maggies, Chelsea - Wealthy druggies love this place.. personally this place makes me heave but a lot of people seem to love it. always has a que.

Novikov - Love the restaurants, lounge is nice some days

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