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Applying for Big Brother - Tips and what to expect

If I had a penny for the amount of times people have asked me for tips on becoming a Big Brother house mate and questions on the experience, I could have bought channel 5 by now!
So here's my advice to you my darlings! Please see below..You've got to check out my pics first though!! haha xoxo
My entrance 
                                                  Live fake eviction 


Advice for those who are applying for Big Brother

Firstly I'd like to say, Big Brother execs had asked this runner to contact me, as they'd seen my article in The Sun newspaper and was impressed. The runner DID NOT contact me and told the execs that she had sent me a message and I ignored it which is not true! 

1. The girl is a lying bitch
2. Wouldn't I have had to add her back on Twitter in order for her to inbox me?
3. The bitch didn't message me full stop.

So anyway, that manager who was unfortunately representing me at the time, out of the blue had spoken to the Big Brother execs to put me forward for the show and that's when they told her that they had asked a member of staff to contact me and I had apparently ignored it.
I felt so riled up, I actually felt that I had to write a letter of complaint! But I'm thinking, just let it go Gina.. Karma is a bitch!

So anyway, it was a fun experience in the end bla bla bla... so now for what you guys want to know

Audition process

Apparently you have to send in a video... so you need to be yourself! Bubbly and seem fun of course! Think about what makes you shine from other applicants who may be applying?

I didn't audition as I had a manager, so I went for one audition and screening where this loser boy started an argument with me, he looked like Liam Gallagher on meth and he had the cheek to be rude, so you all know what I'm like! I put him in his place. One thing I've learnt over the years and from speaking to other house mates is Fact - When you start an unnecessary argument you not only look desperate and immature but you never get chosen! What BB want to see is YOU sticking up for yourself and sticking up for others instead of causing unnecessary drama believe it or not.

Update* - Someone just tweeted just me stating they "don't think it's worth applying unless you have a good agent " 

- No please still apply! In my series it was only Myself and that Sally who had managers. Everyone else applied the original way by applying online and sending in a video of themselves. I was told 15,000 people applied for the show  I was on but you have to wonder why they choose certain contestants out of such a large bunch.. You might be that chosen one, How will you know if you don't try! 
A friend of mine has applied 3 times and I feel it knocked her confidence a bit as she still hasn't been chosen and she has a manager! But I've been telling her like I'm telling you all now, if it's not your time.. it's not your time. Destiny knows what it has planned for you.

I normally go by the saying " If you don't ask, you don't get" and "a closed mouth does not get fed". 

I'm quite shy believe it or not but I've had to train myself to be more vocal and work for what I want and try my best to not feel scared to do certain things because people are people at the end of the day. 

You should try your best to live your life the way you'd like.. never give up on hopes and dreams!

                                     Big Brother knows everything

They know everything about you from evidence you give them, trust me they snoop your social media!!
They even have my bank statements, medical records... everything!
Maybe that's why I didn't win.. they saw my bank statement and thought we're not adding to this bitches wealth! So just pretend you're poor and use an account that has 90p in it! LOL 

Advice on skincare

You will tan especially if you're olive to dark skinned you will tan tremendously, and to the narrow minded fools, yes black people do tan lol we go blick! If I wasn't so tired I would tell you about my incident getting off the plane in Cyprus, but that's another story!!
So anyway, Big Brother provides sunscreen and tells you the weather forecast at times if it's going to be a sunny day.

DO NOT run out of make up, I brought enough foundation but not enough powder.. And my skin type needs powder or else I end up oily looking! Plus I got a huge tan all over so my make up didn't match my new tan lol! Oh well shit happens I guess.. and trust it to happen to me on national TV
Ergh plus may I add, I'm allergic to Air con, so I sneeze an embarrassing amount and had a cold for weeks.
Also worst of all, your make up comes off! Or should I say dissolves because that's what happened! I never apply my make up twice, nor do I use thick amounts of foundation but had to in that house!

I hate people borrowing my make up it really annoys me, Dexter and Sophie would ask for my bronzers and mirror so, because I loved Sophie I gave her my Dior bronzer which she was happy with and I also gave her my Mac NC45 powder which her and Dexter would fight over, It made me laugh!
So while I enjoyed laughing at them, I ran out of my bronzers and needed it back but didn't ask for it back because I felt so rude so did without.
So that's a lesson to you all, try to hide your make up and never give any to anyone as you might stay longer than expected.


I know I don't look my best without make up! But I don't care, no ones perfect and no one should ever judge! After a week of putting on make up at 5am every morning then going back to sleep, it got to the point after a week where I didn't care, I just thought I'm on BB, I've already put myself out there. People can take me for me, if they have a problem with that then that's non of my business! 
I never wear tracksuits or sweat pants, If I lounge around at home or at a boyfriends.. it's strictly chemises/silk kimono or shorts and a vest top if I'm feeling too comfortable.
My cousins told me that their friends would ask them if I dress up in dresses and stuff like that all the time and they would all say yes Gina does!! She's been like that since forever!! And yes I do, but especially the fact that I'm on national television, I still till this day do not understand people who bring in scruffy T-shirts and scruffy jogging bottoms.. you have millions of people watching you every night bitches!

One thing I wish I had packed was trainers and flats.. I thought that I'd run around in Christian Louboutins and YSL heels all day but that was not the case, it was so uncomfortable! The first week I lived in my 3 inch Louboutin shoes and my toes started bleeding! So from then on I walked around bare foot. I guess it becomes your home for a short while so you need that level of comfort and still need to look decent.

I was a size UK4 and came out a 6UK - But I would never watch what I ate because I wasn't about that life.

DO NOT expect to get a good nights sleep.
- You will hear drilling in the next room, producers running up and down the corridors.
You will all have weird dreams that feel weird and real!

YOU WILL HAVE FUN - It's weird for anyone being outside of their comfort zone, living in a house full of strangers but Big Brothers task team are imaginative and very creative and give you fun tasks to do, even if you hate it at the time and swear abuse at Big Brother you will look back and laugh at the experience.

I'm not sure how much of this is true but nearly all of the producers for BB have gone to the Love Island so it's new people working on BB right now. And when I've been on bbbots it's all different faces it's weird!!!!! But there's this new guy who looks after me at bbbots and he's the biggest sweetheart so makes me feel at ease. 

EVERYONE KNOWS that Big Brother edit in such a clever way, so think before you speak. I wish I did!!!


GUARANTEED you will never have an experience like this in your lifetime

YOU WILL BE BOREDso will the rest of your childish house mates so look out for that. Tempers, attitudes, childlike behaviour and deviousness. People plot against you because their evil and bored. So do not trust anyone, you can let your guard down when you're out of the house.

The last week in the house for the finalists - you will all get along. Not only because you have no choice but you become a family because you're so used to one another. 
It gets to the point where you know everyone's preferences even if you're not too fond of them.

YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TRUE FRIENDS from this experience, maybe one if you're lucky! 
The psychiatrist we all speak to before and after entering the house who is a darling may I add! I absolutely adore him, I feel like he's almost psychic as he's so accurate with everything!  
He told me that, "you will be lucky if you even come out of this process with one true friend and that would be a rarity" which is true.

PEOPLE CHANGE - You'll probably keep in touch with a few house mates for a year, then that's it. people who claimed they were not in it for the fame or money start to change and complain that they have to go back to their 9-5 jobs and are hunting for an agent who will take them on for TV work, trying to get on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'.
Don't get me wrong, there are people who genuinely want to go in for the experience but there are far too many that pretend and really want fame! Just be honest who the F cares!! It's your life, do as you please (to some extent).

As soon as someone comes out with "I don't want to be famous" clearly wants to be famous.. it's on your mind!! Nobody asked you, why say it!!

Also once you come out of the Big Brother house, watch out for the people who latch onto you if you're getting publicity or can help them in some way. Not a lot of people would stand by you if they can't somehow gain something out of you so just watch out.

Your fans are your biggest supporters, weirdly I've noticed a lot of fans are similar to the people they ship. Just something I've noticed, as a lot of my fans are naturally classy a lot like me as in thing's I'd say or the way I'd react to things.
I think I can remember every single Twitter fan I've ever had as I love them all   so much!
Some of us do think about our fans

You need to understand that Fans will go! The faithful ones might stick by your side but they will fade out especially if you're not regularly on TV. So don't get upset by it,at least you had a strong group of people who believed in you.
  Say no names but someone I know got fed up of fans asking for photos and was rude to a few in public and said "no, no more photos" and ignored the rest which I think is such disgusting behaviour! I bet that person misses the attention now and I hope they do!
Just stay humble and if you're not humble then I feel sorry for you. 

Some people go on the show trying to make a name for themselves and I call people like that "scum". I don't care what people think or say about me because I'm certainly not thinking about them.. sticks and stones and all! 
But you have to think about the contestants family or children who will be watching and end up hurt by watching slanderous comments about their loved one. I wasn't able to defend myself on BBBOTS when people who don't even know me would say the most nasty things about me who I've never even met before. My mum cried by what was said sometimes about me and my nieces were so upset they couldn't watch bbbots. They shouldn't allow people to be slandered on that show. I am glad that dirty AJ bitch who seems to have some sort of obsession with me got sacked! Up to now she still constantly follows me then unfollows me on Twitter to get my attention.. bitch I will never follow you back let alone ever speak to you so go kick rocks you'll never be Emma Willis! She must fancy me or something because her behaviour was just all wrong and unprofessional hence why her ass got sacked.


TO BE YOURSELF!! Trying to be anything else than yourself, Big brother will know and you'll just look stupid going into the process, as you'll change and your true colours will show.

If you have to tell people you're posh, you're certainly not posh.
If you have to tell people you're a good person, you're unlikely a good person deep down.
These are all insecurities that people reveal on a day to day basis which is not doing themselves any favours especially when you're around smart/intelligent people. 
There's a difference between answering a question and coming out with it when simply not being asked.

Big brother are clever.. the execs are so smart.They're at the top for a reason! They probably know you better than you know yourself. 

Please bare in mind people smell hunger! There's being ambitious which is the best trait anyone can have but there's also being desperate where you'd throw anyone under the bus.. those kind of people karma normally hits them hard so stay humble. Having a good energy and positive outlook on life in general is enough to get you far.
Most importantly, be yourself, I'm sure you have great qualities about yourself that you aren't aware of which people may fall in love with you for.

Oh and if anyone boo's you, boo them back! People shouldn't judge but just take it as banta.


Here is my First ever VLOG filming for Big Brother

Last girl standing! I came 3rd in the final!! I was so shocked I even got that far. Truth be told I genuinely thought i'd only last two weeks because I'm not fake, I find it hard to be! Even if Obama was rude to me i'd tell him off! I'm not scared of anyone and I tell it like it is. I'm still shocked and grateful that the public loved me for me.

Thank you all for the videos you created, I love and appreciate every single one, sorry if I've missed some out, I'm literally browsing through you tube right now!




Some from my wonderful fans..
My fan dressed as Queen B of Big Brother for Halloween! He looks fabulous! That was my favourite task btw x

                          I love these cards/collage's my fans made for me


   Safe House
                          Loving the support! Such amazing talented people!!

            (Week 3) Fake eviction - Jeeze I was skinny!! What happened!!? 

Queen B of Big Brother task

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