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Try 30 days going 'Vegan' with me #VeganDiet

                                    Firstly: Why I'm a Pescetarian

I've been a proud Pescestarian for 2 years now.. I became a Pescestarian for quite a few reasons; 

#1    I feel clean and happy after every meal.
#2    I'm eating more Veg/greens = Healthy eating
#3    My Doctor told me I hadn't been eating healthy, I should consider becoming a Vegetarian
#4    Red Meat Clogs up your arteries
#5    Chicken makes me bloated (I seriously look pregnant for 2 days)
#6    I'm Gluten Intolerant & most Gluten free meals cater for Vegetarians/Vegans
#7    I dislike processed foods, I'm a lot happier eating fresh authentic foods
#8    I haven't had a Beef Burger in 12 years and the whole process is just unhygienic and barbaric
#9    I'll never know if my body is built for this if I don't try!

Why I gave up 'Chicken' /Weight loss review
Never in a million years did I ever think I would have given up Chicken for life. It was my favourite part of a meal, it's a healthy source of protein and the taste was amazing. However, it took me a while to give up Chicken, I was confused as I would ask professionals such as; Scientists, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists what's the best way to maintain a healthy diet and loose weight at the same time! And they would say;
Porridge for Breakfast with Chi and a few small meals throughout the day, most consisted of a Chicken salad, though each time I would eat Chicken I would enjoy it until after my meal I would feel bloated and my stomach wouldn't feel flat, therefore I wouldn't feel happy after. Whereas if I had a Tuna Salad there would be no change to my weight at all, my body feels light, I feel happy and no bloating.
I was told that everyone is different and it depends on your physique and your background (I'm not too sure how much of that is true) That if someone were to stop eating protein they would loose weight and if someone were to stop eating Carbohydrates they would put on weight. All very strange, though as I'm optimistic and careful about my figure I tried eating Tuna steak with fried onions and Sweet potato for two weeks and I lost half a stone.

I'm trying a Vegan diet for 30 days and I will know if it's the right diet for me! I will be sure to review my results there after.

I didn't think I could ever cut out Lamb or Chicken, but now the sight of it doesn't entice me at all, and I do not miss it surprisingly enough. I cheated last year and chose to eat the same Chicken I would normally order in  'Novkiov' restaurant and I wasn't happy and regretted my choice and never made the same mistake since.

If you think about it when Jesus was on this earth, he lived on Bread, Fish and even turned water into Red Wine! What a legend! If we all lived like him I think this world would be a happy place!
Though for 30 days i'll have to top up my fridge with Champagne and lots of Vodka! I'm going to miss Red Wine!

Cutting out fish for my Vegan Diet, shouldn't be too hard. Who knows, Maybe I was born to be a Vegan as I dislike Dairy - I replace it with Coconut/ Soya Milk and the smell and taste of Egg makes me heave so you never know! After 30 days if i'm not happy, at least I know i'll be happy going back to being a Pesky (Pescetarian) :)

"Shockingly when I told my friends and family that I'm going Vegan for 30 days, everyone was so supportive and are all now starting this Vegan Diet with me! It's great to know I have such supportive loved ones around me. I've always known but this really brought it to light.
I tweeted about my plan to become Vegan and even 'Peta' were supportive and tweeted me good luck and sent me some pieces for inspiration on their website.

It's been 12 days into my diet and so far so good."

I' a size 6UK, though I want to get back to a size 4UK so I can start fitting into my jeans again! I seriously cannot fit into any of my jeans I found it funny at first until I needed to wear jeans one day and it became agitating as all that fit me right now are leggings!! It might be all the working out i've done with kettle bells which have made my booty huge or i've just put on weight!

I will update you if this diet has worked for me. 

They say if you want to eat healthy,You have to be prepared to eat the same thing several times in a week.

                                                Vegan food doesn't look bad at all!

Vegan Cherry Waffles

I live on this most days - I never get low fat Hummus it's boring! Spicy Hummus and ones with chick Pea balls inside is amazing.
 hummus with carrot and celery sticks

 Bruchetta on Toasted Mini Garlic Bread Squares

Double decker coconut strawberry sandwich

Rainbow Veggie Flatbread Pizza - quick, healthy and SO tasty!.

Sprouted Alfalfa & Hummus Wheat Wrap on a Bed of Spinach (I would replace the rice for brown rice)

Muffins - free from refined sugar and is made with spelt flour

Sweet Potato Burgers

                                                                    Vegan Heaven!

Vegan Sweet Bell Peppers

A few years back I never thought in a million years that I would drink Soya and Coconut milk. The first time I tried Soya milk was when I was in the Big Brother house and we were deprived of Diary and supplied with Soya. This was a good thing as I quite liked the taste, as it has a sweet acquired taste, in my opinion it's better than Dairy.

I have never been a fan of Dairy Milk for a few simple reasons -

Weight gain
The thought of the process
Bloated feeling

                                                                   Vegan meal plan idea
Bagel with nondairy cream cheese (try GO! Veggie brand)
Fresh fruit


Ready-made vegan chili (Yves makes a refrigerated version. If you prefer canned chili, try Hormel.)
Fresh avocado drizzled with lime juice


Roasted Veggie and ‘Chicken’ Tacos
Refried beans (look for vegetarian canned beans)

                                                Other things to try 

Carrot Ginger soup
Grilled Tofu with Tamarind Glaze
Steamed brown rice
Steamed aspragus
Tofu- Spinach Lasagne

Also try

30 minute baked sweet potatoes topped with roasted chickpeas, a simple garlic-herb sauce and a parsley-tomato salad. Delicious, fresh, healthy, and naturally vegan and gluten free.

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  1. Gina! This is awesome, I've been doing the vegan diet thing for around 1 year now and I feel amazing and have lost sooo much weight. One word of advice make sure you get in enough calories from fruits and veggies and limit the amount of processed foods and fatty products such as (sunflower oils and whatnot), it stops cravings for unhealthy foods and is so much more fulfilling. I love how on a vegan diet you can literally eat as much as you want, have a great vegan 30 days!