Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hair Mists/perfume

My new obsession! 

Hair perfume is rather important, especially when dating. You need to look your best and smell your best at all times! 

A friend of mine had told me that I should never spray perfume in my hair. I should ONLY use hair mists on my hair. Apparently alcohol from a perfume can dissolve oils, which means it can disturb the hydrophilic film on your skin/hair. This is a protective film that acts like a natural barrier that isolates and protects the skin and hair from our environment. For that reason, alcohol is rightly considered a drying agent for skin and hair… Even more so since the scalp is likely to be impregnated with alcohol too, which makes it dry out and may cause dandruff and itching.
I'm probably the most indecisive person! But good quality hair mists are quite strong and a lot just smell atrocious! I haven't found the perfect scent but I'm still searching. 

My advice for you all is to avoid buying online and try them in store on your hair. The smell does change after a while. 
Show hair Perfume review 
"I haven't tried this as of yet, I was going to order it but my GBFF (gay bff) said it smells atrocious!) I know scents smell different on different people though my friend was so horrified by it, it put me off!"
Info - 
Designed to give your locks a luscious scent, this Decadence Hair Fragrance from Show Beauty boasts a delicately balanced formula that exudes femininity and luxury. Formulated with rose water, coconut milk, caramel butter and with a background of Madagascan vanilla, this hair fragrance will leave your tresses smelling simply irresistible. K.D

"This was my favourite for about half an hour, then became the worst smell"
Info - £33.50
The delicately fragranced Fresh Hair Mist leaves a light, true fragrance on the hair. The gentle formula contains a silicone derivative, which leaves hair soft and shiny and protects against drying. The soft touch, frosted glass bottle, with an iridescent, gold-banded white cap, slips easily into a handbag. 

CHANEL N°5 Hair Mist review

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