Sunday, 28 June 2015

CC Creams are in this season

SPF is so important when abroad, especially if you're on the beach around hotties you still need a bit of make up on. CC cream is basically tinted moisturiser with SPF. Good ones have SPF 30, even SPF 50.

CC creams: The difference between BB AND CC creams is subtle - CC generally stands for 'colour correcting' and the products are meant to address issues like redness or sallowness (usually with light-difusing particles), whereas BB creams are like lighter foundations with a few skincare benefits in. 

This is my favourite so far.. Read below

I bought this Lancome City Miracle CC Cream earlier today in Harrods and It's absolutely amazing (so far) It truly is a miracle! The minute I arrived home, I applied it as you would with a foundation brush. It's smooth and sets immediately giving a matte beautiful glow.
I have normal skin, however I'm fussy with foundations as some make me look shiny, or oily. 

I tried the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream which I've listed below, though I found it awful for me as anything that comes out too runny are normally the cause for oily looking skin on me. If you're not keen on the matte look and have dry skin it might work for you. The have a wide range of colours and has SPF 30 whereas, the Lancome CC Cream has SPF 50 so it's perfect! The only problem is that it comes in 3 colours so may have to mix with foundation. I have sensitive skin so i'll see in the next couple of days if it works for my skin. I can't wear sunscreen on my face as I'm so sensitive! 

I'm yet to try Bobbi Brown

Update - March 2016 - It's not for sensitive skin, it gave me a rash all over my face, tiny bumps that show up in photos. It's a beautiful CC Cream, the best i've come across, I can wear it to the gym and it won't smudge. Perfect for hot weather but will ruin your skin if you have sensitive skin.
I'll have to research some more, I can't even use johnsons baby wipes my skin is that sensitive i'm rather tired of it. 

Below are CC Creams I'm yet to try before my holiday soon!

I'm listing CC Creams below and will post my evaluations next month or so as I need one that doesn't make me look oily!

Yves Saint Laurent - Designed to awaken the complexion, the pink-based YSL CC cream is ideal for dull-looking skin. The brand has also created a lavender-toned version, for sallow skin, and an apricot hue for uneven skin tone. 

Darphin - With its blendable texture, impressive SPF 35 protection and radiance-boosting particles, Darphin's CC cream is easy to apply and won't settle into fine lines or pores. 
Darphin CC Cream Instant Multi-Benefit Care SPF 35, £32. 

Max Factor - Max Factor's CC cream was one of the first on the market and offers good enough coverage to be worn in the place of foundation, at a very reasonable price.

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