Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Clueless & Gossip Girl School uniform style ideas

If only I could turn back time! Believe you me, I would handle my life a whole lot better.. Although I'm happy with the way I've been brought up and things I've achieved at such a young age but I would certainly eliminate the ex guys  (with that bad boy phase) in my life and disloyal friends! I guess most life experiences changes you for the better and can only make you wiser.

I have decided to write this post because if I could magically rewind my school life, I would change my style! And have the teachers hate me some more!
Back in school I would have my tie undone or small and fat or loosely hanging low with my top buttons undone and my skirt so short.. shirt undone.. Still loved wearing my blazer though!

My lovely mother would receive letters and complains from my school, 
she ignored them as she had a similar problem with my sibling the teachers would call my mother in to ask her to stop buying my sibling such expensive shoes because it's making other pupils feel bad.
I was a bit of a naughty pupil. My parents would never speak rudely to me so why should I tolerate a teacher dictating what I should do with my choices.

One thing I did listen to was no make up! Maybe because my mother didn't allow me until I was 15/16 and that's what ruined my skin trying 'Mac makeup' so I had to stick to 'Estée Lauder' up until now.

Girls.. You really don't need make up for school! Maybe a nice bronzer and subtle nude lipgloss and mascara. Anything else will damage your skin and there's nothing worst than having natural beautiful skin and ruining it with the likes of foundation.

Save it until you need it or when your older and want to do as you like!

Although fuck it I would have wanted Cher's style for school from Clueless!
When I was young I had a Pen Pal from America and she told me that in America they didn't have to wear school uniform and if a uniform was attired they could do as they liked! It's so unfair!

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