Saturday, 12 December 2015

Video: New family VLOG / Shannons Birthday

Watch my latest video blog = Vlog on YouTube 

Features my crazy, loving, wonderful family! Watching these videos makes me notice our individual eccentric personalities :) 

It was also Shannons Birthday, though I ran out of battery on my camera and also ran out of battery on my phone, so I missed out on capturing a lot of great moments!! 

Since then i've bought back up batteries and SD cards.. practice makes... perfect!!!

I started blogging for my fans because they asked and I wanted to give it a go. Also, a lot of crazy things have happened in my life which I would have loved to have shared with my fans so they can know more, see more and understand me more. 
I now enjoy creating/editing my Vlogs and it's endearing watching moments back especially with my family.

I love sharing parts of my life with you all, and thank you for postive comments they mean a lot 

#Vlog #fun 


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mens Hair styles

What women want/ how  men should style their hair

Your hair is your beauty for both men and women

I spoke to a male friend of mine (who I presume will read this :)) and he enjoyed my post on
 How women want men to dress

He was asking me for advice on men's looks and one of the main things I love about men.. (other than nice strong hard biceps) is their hair. A lot of guys compliment my hair and I would just think it's a way of them starting conversation but the older I get I realise guys are just as vain as women and notice more than we do, which scares me! 
Guys love it when a girls hair smells and looks nice, when our nails are done and when we wear a figure hugging sexy dress. I think men are secret appreciators for women's fashion and know more than us.

We love it when a guy smells nice ALL THE TIME and have nice hair. Some of us love your stubble too.

Combed back
side parting
cut often 
washed often


Sunday, 27 September 2015

London Fashion week + Hot spots + gatecrashing a wedding! + WATCH MY LATEST VLOG

Such a fun night with great friends.. view my Vlog below! 
Subscribe if you haven't already, tell me what you all think.. I respect feedback so I can do better guys! 

We had attended a Sorapol Fashion show, then decided to go bar hopping in some of the best places in London, we came across an audition thinking it was for a 'Orange is the new Black', ended up being invited to another fashion show, gatecrashing a wedding, watch for more info! 
Below are some photos from that night 


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Eleven Hair salon


Most girls love to be pampered, I enjoy the idea of pampering but I get bored easy and hate having my nails done and I get bored having my hair done because they take hours on end and sometimes they're not always consistent with the colour or style.
 When I wore hair extensions I would only get my hair coloured once a month and my hair blown out once a week and if I have an event/function to attend to I would have my hair done on the day. I feel I need to get my hair, nails and other beauty treatments done to uphold my appearance as I believe every human; man and woman should be well groomed.

Often I would have my hair done at 'Eleven'. They have a branch on Bond Street and Covent garden. Both have great service but I preferred the Covent garden branch as it's a lot more specious and the guy who would normally do my hair always got the colour right all the time. They were nice enough to even wash my hair extensions and glue them back in for me.

Now that I don't wear hair extensions I've become obsessed with my hair, it feels like when I was back in school and doing my hair everyday creating different styles. My mother would get her hair done every day, even twice a day sometimes as she regularly attends functions and she would never dream of wearing hair extensions and now I can see why. I always thought I needed it, especially for length but I feel that my hair is a nice length now and my hair looks healthy and I feel that I look slimmer with my hair length. I plan on copying my mum and having my hair done every morning after my session at the gym. I frequently change hairdressers as much as I change my make up! This week I will choose various hairdressers that tickle my fancy and attempt to copy my mum when she was my age and take good care of my hair.   

I'll be updating very soon, I may even Vlog on YouTube.

I hope you've checked out my First ever Vlog
YouTube - iamGinaRio

Gina xoxo