Thursday, 20 November 2014

Serious #Baes #Family

Yes I said the word Bae - Which means before anything else! My two nieces who are my everythings! They are keeping me young by keeping me up to date with the new lingo! I'm not that much older than them but I think because i'm past 20 they laugh at me and think i'm old! 

All I hear from them is "Gina times are different now!"  
It's so annoying because when it's time to have my children I will feel less cool as society is changing more and more its scary! Kids know far too much now and I don't like that children have sex education so young they shouldn't know anything! Infact there should be lessons to put kids off sex young and they should bring back the law of under age sex at 16 and not turn these proud 'Teen Moms' on MTV into celebrities making a lot of money! Bad influence or what!
Now i'm sounding less cool so I'm going to stop here and watch The Real housewives and finish my Macaroons and sip on some more Red wine! :)

#Cool #Family #Bae #MTV #Young #TeenMoms #ChildHood #Motherhood 

Apparantly no one young hash tags!!  

Trust them to both be wearing my Designer shoes and my bloody expensive Chanel classic bag she rocks so well! Xx

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