Wednesday, 12 November 2014

LA & Hollywood

                                                       The paps in LA are so much fun!

Posing by the pool

Burberry is always a good idea...

            #Limo #LouisVuitton #TheWayIt's done..

A glass of Stoli a day, keeps the bed bugs away...

#LookOfTheDay sported by American Apparel bikini

This is the drunk in the Jacuzzi kinda look.. yes I got most of my hair wet! And yes I had to wash it tipsey..

Plaques on plagues on plaques 

            Posing with our matching Max Azria neon clutch bags


                                At one of my favourite restaurants. 
                      'Katana' omg it's amazing there!!!!

                    With our good friend Andy he's a cute bundle of fun 

Dining at Villa there to be filming a reality show across from me.. I was so nosey but no one I had ever heard of..

We are soo rude.. bags on the table and everything! 

 Notice the white mist?! I'm posing with my friends MTV Award and it seems to be a spirit in front of me.. i'm very spiritual so don't mind me.. it spooked me out and no the camera lens was not dirty.

Heathrow Airport - Drinking and buying drinks!


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