Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Birthday - OK! Magazine

From the age of 21, I decided that I would go abroad every year for my Birthday and I did! However, this year I wasn't able to. Now I regret not just having a crazy girls holiday but anyway, anyone thats been to my house has stressed that I'm too boring with this huge house, I need a massive house party! 

I'm not one for strangers in my property and untrustworthy tag alongs in my personal space, however I decided to have a party but I made sure I knew who was coming and who they were bringing.
There's 24 hour security in the estate, and it is gated community so you would think i'd feel 100% safe. But anything can happen, and you still can't rely on security which is terrible!

Overall I had an amazing time, with great people. Xoxo

OK! Online picked up my party. And I found it quite hilarious what they had to say.
I love great Banta and I think journalists in society today are pros! 

Myself with my beautiful Natalie! 
She's the cutest person ever!

    Lydia Scott Lee and I x

   Me and the "wifey" as you'd call it! 😆

Dani, moi, Natalie

Elena, Moi, Nat

Welcome to my house partyyyyy!

   Hanging with the guys 😉

    My fave DJ ❤️ 

My gorgeous friend Portia and I! 
Absolutely love this girl. We have been friends for 7 years. That says it all x

    Love this girl xx

    Hot Best friend Daniela x

    Never had a BFF quite like her!

    I don't like how they edited my photo,       but whatever! 

    What a poser! 

Meet my ex - sister inlaw Elena!
Mother of my amazing nieces.. It's great that we are still friends considering shes my ex sis inlaw, she's known me since I was 10! 
Plus she's hot! What a MILF haha xxx

Before we all got drunk!

My closet.

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  1. Your party looks like a lot of fun. I am insanely jealous of the last photo of your closet and shoe collection. Feel free to send any spares my way haha :P
    Hope your birthday was fab! xx