Friday, 30 May 2014


I was disgusted and felt saddened to hear of the kidnap of nearly 300 school girls in Nigeria kidnapped  by a cult named Boko Haram. They are the most disgusting, disturbing beings on this planet! What could posses them to take 300 innocent schoolgirls and turn them into slaves and force them to convert to their version of Islam. They either rape them or sell them on for £10 or so to new masters. The girls are the victims of slavery, child abuse and forced marriage. This needs to END now! I am more than happy that the US are taking action and are searching for the missing school girls. I never wish bad on anyone i'm so against that, but every willing member of Boko Haram deserves what is coming to them! They are beyond sickening! Ruining young girls lives. I'm sorry to say but Nigeria needs a new president!Sorry goodluck jonathan but Obama wouldn't have allowed it to go on for so long. 
This Boko Haram cult have been bothing Nigeria since 2009 this is just absurd. 

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