Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bloggers Love event

I Had to pose with DJ Giggles crystalised headphones! Can you believe she did them herself! How much patience does she have!
They are the best headphones i've ever seen though :-) 

I attempted the Decks that night but I sucked as usual! I remember my older cousin Chris showing me the ropes aged 6. I've always been inspired by Djing but would rather run around and have fun! Nothings changed..  

That lift!!!!
Natalie and I were terrified at the state of  it, was bad enough we were lost in the Penthouse nightclub venue but we came across this!! 
We found it rather hilarious. I always have a lot of fun with Natalie, if I want to get up to mischief she's my thelma!  

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