Thursday, 29 May 2014

Barts ❤️ - low key exclusive Bar - Chelsea

Btw we did not turn up like this!
A guy I met there was extremely persuasive and made me join him putting  on hats to go with the theme! Tasha didn't like the hat we chose for her so she made him swap with her 😂

I love going to Barts! Mainly because it's exclusive and I also love it because it's so hidden, no one would ever know it's there considering the location it's in.
You would only know if you know someone thats been or is a regular. 

A lot of Royals love it there as it's very low key. It's quite cheeky of them but you have to ring the bell and wait for someone to open a small hatch to check if you're up to their standards. If your not good looking enough as a girl or classy even as a guy, they will not allow you in. 
They are very strict. But once you're in it's an amazing vibe. 

The last time I was there, I left at about 12 because I was meeting another friend at Maddox nightclub, and as we were leaving these two girls tried to get through the doors and couldn't. I felt so sorry for them, they actually looked so sad.  

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