Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nude is in

Nude is the new colour nail varnish thats in. Below I have a darkish nude which is so perfect.
I have given nail extensions a break for over 2 years, I think nail extensions look sexy and lasts a decent amount of time. 
Painted nails start chipping after a day or two which I find irritating, and the Shellac grows your nails and lasts long but I like to try new things untill I find something that suits me. 
However, as much as I told myself not to get nail extensions again because it ruins your natural nails, I just want a hassell free life and gave in as. these are easier to handle. I'm alergic to Arcyrilic so I get the Gel nails.

I could eat this Salad everyday

Isn't she just a Legend

   Elizabeth Taylor was such an Icon 

Friday, 24 January 2014

CBB Bit on the Side - on the panel

Wednesday, it was an eviction from Celebrity Big Brother. I was on the panel that night on Celebrity Big Brother's bit on the side which was so much fun! 

Can't get enough of Borehamwood ;-) 

Rylan and I backstage at Celebrity Big Brother's bit on the side

Emma Willis and I on set #Selfie

With my Hair stylist Josh! How great does my hair look! 
Twitter -  @JoshHair 


Liz Jones and I #GreatNight 

Myself and Dean xx

Soup ...and more soup

I told my mother I was thinking of going on a soup diet, and she stocked up my cupboard! She's so sweet xx 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Icy ..Shoes are kind of pricey

London Ice Sculpting festival @ Canary Wharf - sculpting with the help of Fendi  #MeBeingMe 

Less make-up!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Look of the day

#Gucci belt #YSL shoes #LouisVuitton handbag #Guess cardigan #Givenchy Trousers #StylishHat 
Victoria's Secret
Bond street

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New additions

Myself and my mini me xoxo

Always go to the Christian Louboutin boutique in Harrods, it's quite small but always have the best selection. And they always give me champagne! 

Loves to rock Fendi! 

I have always noticed 212 V.I.P. And when I was in school I was addicted to the 212 Sexy which is amazing. I like to try different smells.. I always go back to Gucci Flora or Dior Poison but this is great and compact for night outs.
Smells seductive also. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rushed off my feet in Louboutin heels

Had my hair done at the Burlingtons Hair salon 

Below photos just leaving ' Lee Roach - a/w 2014 catwalk show' dinner after at STK

#FashionWeek #STK #CelineHandbag #ChristianLouboutin





Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Love Japanese food!

I love dining at nice restaurants with great ambience.
Aqua Kyoto is one of my favourites especially in the summer, I use to go twice a week, they even know what drink I order now.
However, I usually order Chicken Teriyake which is my absolute favourite dish at any Japanese restaurant I attend.

However sometimes trying new things isn't the way forward a lot of the time. In the photo below is Green Tea noodles.
I drink Green religiously every morning, but mixing it with food was not pleasant after the second bite.

Aqua Kyoto

They have a Spanish side in the restaurant also. which is beautiful but the terrace isn't as big as in Kyoto.