Sunday, 22 December 2013

J'adore Clarins

Oh my gosh, I was talked into this Clarins double serum product by a beauty consultant and I absolutely love it! 
It's normally priced at £55 but there was a promotion that day where they gave a beauty pack filled with a cute white make-up bag, 

- Double Serum,  I will not stop using this until I come across something better it's just amazing and my skin looks so fresh and smooth. The beauty consultant also mentioned that they sold 100,000 of this in one month when it first came out! It speaks for itself!! 

- Beauty Flash Radiance balm,  which ca be used as a Make- up primer or facemask, it's just amazing! I didn't think there was anything better than the 'YSL Flash Radiance' until I used this. 

- Exfloiator which is fantastic but i've only 
used it twice because I've got so many others I still need to use! 
All of this was only £55 

Above is my new favourite skin regime, along with the Clarins, I tried L'oreal skin perfection cleansing oil! Considering how cheap it is, it cleared my skin completely, it took a month to work after coming out of the BB house, ( it might have been the product, or the joys of not being in that environment!) It works better than the majority of expensive face washes I've used.

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