Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Change of Mercedes

I've been driving this car for the time being whilst my car is being repaired! At first I hated it, exterior wise but i'm quite impressed with how much space I have whilst driving and that it's Tiptronic ;) 


It doesn't have a gearbox, I was quite worried when I first saw it I was like OMG I should have allowed the person who dropped off the car to show me how it works but lucky I had friends over who were car savvy ;-) 

This is quite intriquing as the gears are on this indicator. My car doesn't have it so i'm thinking of changing my car soon!
My mum prefers this car for me because she hates that I have a 2 seater 'Selfish Car' but I will have a think. I love Mercedes and i'm sure I will get another but not this model it's comfortable but so huge and I can't manage it in car parks!! 

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