Monday, 29 April 2013

Kate Middleton's iconic dress

The Duchess of Cambridge's iconic engagement dress by Issa is back in stock on the Harrods website.

Info - Crafted from pure silk, the wrap over panels at the waist will provide a truly flattering fit. Pair with court shoes by day and strappy sandals by night.

Custom made Louis Vuitton

Finally received my custom made name tag for my Louis Vuitton Luggage.. How does it look? ;)

Also please view my post/video on HOW TO MAKE A LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAG 

Don't you just love my parking!

Parked up in Central London.. About to go shopping ;)

God sisters! X

@ my favourite restaurant Aqua Kyoto and Nobu on Berkeley Street with my gorgeous God Sister Jenny x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Suite life @ The Savoy hotel

My life at the Savoy hotel was enjoyable and one of my most memorable times of my 25 years of living. I miss being called Miss Rio everyday!!I still find it strange that people are so fascinated by my lifestyle.. because i'm only human and the same as everybody else.. I just have a fun spontaneous nature.Remember, you can't always believe what you read in the media.. that saying, I did not get residency at the Savoy for selfish reasons, nor did I because I was feeling greedy and spoilt. I was quite bored at that point in my life and felt it was the right thing to do. 
Before Instagram and Snap Chat became so popular taking photos of everything throughout your day one would find slightly sad.

However those of you are soo keen to know what my life was like living at the Savoy hotel.. I have gone through folders trying to find photos of which I took during my time there so I can let you nosey parkers have your way.

See no other than the likes of legends such as; Tom Jones 

Need to get back to that stomach! Funny enough I wasn't even working out back then

Serious Poser!

                                                It was that Herve Leger season 

    I miss this!! Ahh I'm a Pescetarian now but I use to have this 
           all the time at 'The Savoy Grill' by Gordan Ramsay 

Fresh Orchids everyday, Tthe Savoy is truly a beauty..
   rocking Alexander Wang leggings, YSL clutch.. YSL peep toe                                                       shoes

                                                 Family and my everythings xx

My View every morning..

                                            My everyday Jewellery/accessories

Main make up I would always have out

I'm a neat freak until it comes to me getting ready and especially doing my own make up! Trust the cleaners to always display it nicely, one cleaner in particular would always lay a towel underneath my make up, it use to annoy me at first but who am I to complain... sometimes I just wanted a slight bit of mess they'd clean up to 3 times a day!!!!!

                                 This is one of my favourites from the Champagne Bar

         The Savoy has a mini shop where you can buy tasty fresh treats

Girls night in! As usual my nieces would come over every week and we would have a slumber party! 
Junk and Champagne for me
                                  Junk and Pepsi for them!

my fave chef xx