Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lets talk: Skin Care & Sensitive skin

The Importance of great looking skin!

I have always been obsessed with Skin Care products from such a young age. I remember aged 14 walking around Selfridges asking for Anti Wrinkle night creams at many counters and beauticians begging me not to try various products because of my age. I have always been curious about products, however quite unfortunate experimenting most products because of my sensitive skin.
I am 23 now and I still skip from product to product! This Summer, my mother decided to clear out my products I have accumulated over the years. She had found and packed 4 boxes of unwanted, unopened and half used products of mine and persuaded me to at least give some a second try.

During my journey on the hunt for the PERFECT creams, I have experienced a lot of ups and downs.
Therefore I have posted photos below of various products and my evaluation on them all.

Clinique - Take the day off make up remover. £16 
HYDRA BEAUTY CRÈME Hydration Protection Radiance 50mlMy evaluation - This is by far the BEST Make - up remover.  I was very impressed from the first use.

Info -  Clinique's makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips. Unique, two-way formula that loosens the grip, then speeds the departure of the most persistent, eye makeups, mascaras and lipsticks. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

HYDRA BEAUTY CRÈME Hydration Protection Radiance - £50

My evaluation - I have started using this moisturizer for about a week now and So far it   smells great, leaves my skin feeling very soft. I will be sure to give another update on how this is going, like I said, I've got very sensitive skin!
Info - HYDRA BEAUTY CRÈME is the radiance enhancing moisturiser for women in search of intense hydration backed by advanced antioxidant protection. It helps protect their beauty and restore their skin's radiance, while delivering absolute comfort. Radiant skin steeped in vital water, as exquisitely velvety, fresh and plumped as a camellia petal: with HYDRA BEAUTY, CHANEL creates the perfect level of hydration. Deep hydration that protects against physiological and environmental stress. Intense hydration ensured by the incredible power of the camellia, the iconic flower of CHANEL, which yields an infinite source of beauty: the extremely moisturizing active ingredient Camellia Alba PFA. Extremely sensorial and specially developed for normal to dry skin, the fresh, luscious texture of the cream is enriched with shea butter and a canola derivative. It diffuses subtle fruity notes over a delicate floral heart and delivers a real sensation of soothing replenishment.


Yves saint Laurent - Flash radiance skincare brush - around £38

***** My evaluation - If I was stranded on a deserted Island. This would be one of my main possessions! Can I say anymore? ;)
Info - Yves Saint Laurent reveals its first top secret, an exceptionally clever product called Flash Radiance Skincare. Inspired from the beauty tips of professionals. Glide it over the face to quickly chase away signs of fatigue, minimise pores, smooth the skin's texture and visibly restore luminosity to the complexion.


    Capture Intense - night restore rich cream - £112.00

My Evaluation - This is such a lovely night cream to use with a pleasant fragrance and good consistency. Great effect so far!
Info -This highly restorative creme that envelops the skin in comfort offers 3 actions: Provides the right dose of energy* to maximize the skin's night-time activity, Stimulates the production of the skin's own antioxidants* in order to optimize its defense abilities during the day, Intensely corrects all visible signs of aging thanks to the trio of star active ingredients behind CAPTURE TOTALE performance. Every morning, the skin wakes up intensely regenerated and visibly more beautiful: smooth and re plumped  it appears firm and radiant. Recharged with energy night after night, it is ideally armed to ensure its daily defense capacities.

I have not posted any face washes as I am still trying to find that perfect one. I am hoping to find a natural, organic and soothing wash. I haven't been too keen on ones I've tried in the past. St Ives was quite good until it got discontinued. But exfoliating your skin everyday is not healthy. 

I made an order 2 days ago for Kora Cosmetics, owned by Miranda Kerr I have heard great reviews on their sensitive skin products.
Looking forward to trying it!


  1. Oh my god! Please tell me that you are willing to give away the products you don't want. I'm totally into skincare but could never afford any of those things because I'm a student. I would love you forever!! Please don't let those expensive products go to waste. :)

  2. I would love to know what your favorite face solutions are so far? Loved learning more about Skinlastin products, they look too good to miss.

  3. this is amazing thank you gina I will try the clinque make up remover.

  4. I would love to try the facial cleansing brush! Great post.
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  5. I would love to try the facial cleansing brush! Great post.

    Spray tanning in Romford & Spray tanning in Brentwood