Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Customized bling! Fit for a Queen B

I am so in love with my new bling for my i phone 5 s, i pad mini and compact mirror. 
I have been receiving compliments non stop as these pieces are so girly and perfect. X

    i phone 5 s case 

    i pad mini case

Compact mirror 

Thank you so much @CrystalGemCraft amazing work xx

Nails done, everything did..

My nail broke whilst shopping so what better way to get a fresh set applied. 
Loving nude at the moment. 

At times, I would walk past people having a massage done or having their eyebrows done in the middle of Westfeilds and asked myself why? Wouldn't these people rather be pampered in private?
But I was in a rush shopping one day and was on my way to dinner that night and I couldn't go to dinner with 2 nails broken off so I did it, I had my nails done westfeilds, it was'nt so bad because the BF (boyfriend) sat with me and waited and they did my nails very well. 

    Nude is the new red 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Cute additions - Kate Middleton inspired necklace

In Prada, waiting on another Prada

I chose this slim elegant bag as firstly, it  matches my Prada tote bag, and secondly I can use it as a wallet to match my tote or simply keep it's delightful chain attached to wear as an evening bag! 
I wanted more colours but the only colours available were blue, green and burgundy. I might get the burgandy but it's not that much of a pretty colour but it's closest to red.

I have never been a fan of Zara, you couldn't pay me to shop there! However, I absolutely love Kate Middleton, and it was stated that a beautiful statement necklace she wore at a Royal film premiere was from Zara.

Kate wore the necklace with a Roland Mouret gown, which still looks classy and elegant together.  
It shows that you can mix and match with Designer and a bit of highstreet! 

Lately I've been on a hunt for some gorgeous Statement Jewelry. 

I was rather pleased to find this! It's just absolutely gorgeous x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The show tour concert

Saturday, I went to ' The Show Tour' R&B Superstars concert with my friend Portia and my sister in law Elena x



My friend and her daughter came to visit xxx

Awhh! My close friend came to my house to visit me, and she brought her daughter who is soo cute! Absolutely adorable! 

I think I would make a good mummy one day when the times right xxx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Afterparty at DSTRKT

Caroline's Campaign after party held at DSTRKT 

Celebration for the amazing journeys of inspirational women involved in the Cancer Makeover.

Of course, I wore black as usual.. I wore my skin tight Max Azria LBD with a cute fringed Topshop cardi.
Louboutins of course and YSL clutch x 



Having fun with my girly Natalie x